Why You Need Aloe Vera in Your Skin Care

You are probably familiar with seeing aloe vera gel near the sunscreen, thanks to its reputation as the perfect post-sunburn remedy. In fact, the FDA first approved it as an over-the-counter burn remedy back in 1959.  However, there are many other skin benefits to aloe vera that makes it the perfect ingredient for your skin […]

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There’s More Than One Species of Aloe?

How much do you know about aloe vera? You may already know about its healing benefits, especially for burns and skin conditions. But did you know that although the aloe vera plant gets the most press, there are actually more than 400 aloe species, many of which have unique health benefits? Let’s look at some […]

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7 Reasons You Should Be Using Coconut Oil On Your Skin

The Western World is usually the most progressive in terms of technology, social standards and even health care, but sometimes, progressive isn’t always better. Sometimes, it’s best to revert back to nature and the age-old secrets it possesses. One such secret is coconut oil. Society has recently discovered the benefits of coconut oil and now […]

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Coconut Oil: Fad or Fact?

Are you “coo-coo” for coconut oil? If so, you are among thousands and thousands of people who proclaim the value of coconut oil for everything from heart health to furniture polish. But, what’s the real scoop on the coconut craze? Is it really all that and a bag of chips or is there more to […]

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18 Amazing Coconut Oil Beauty Tips

Coconut oil is a health and beauty powerhouse. This amazing substance can improve your beauty routine in countless ways. Here are some of the most impressive things coconut oil can do for your daily skin and hair care.1. Soften Your CuticlesDry cuticles can crack and peel, and they’re one of the main causes of painful […]

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