Why You Need Aloe Vera in Your Skin Care

You are probably familiar with seeing aloe vera gel near the sunscreen, thanks to its reputation as the perfect post-sunburn remedy. In fact, the FDA first approved it as an over-the-counter burn remedy back in 1959.  However, there are many other skin benefits to aloe vera that makes it the perfect ingredient for your skin care products. This is why humans have used aloe vera for skin care and medicinal purposes since the dawn of civilization, with evidence showing its use among the Ancient Chinese and Egyptians.


The gel found in the aloe vera plant acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin. In addition to providing moisture, aloe vera also protects the skin while your body's natural moisturizing properties can perform their actions. All skin types, including those with oily or combination skin, benefit from the moisturizing benefits of aloe vera because it does not have excess oil or a greasy after effect.


​Have you ever broken off a piece of the aloe vera plant to use when you have a minor cut or burn? Aloe vera is a well-known natural first-aid product, so it should come as no surprise that one of the benefits of aloe vera is its ability to heal the skin from damage beyond just sunburn.

How does aloe vera heal the skin? Most of the wound healing comes from auxin and gibberellins, two key hormones that facilitate healing and reduce inflammation in the skin thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. It also stimulates new cell growth for faster healing.

Aloe vera can be used to heal:

•    Cuts
•    Minor burns, including sunburn
•    Blisters
•    Dry, itchy skin
•    Psoriasis
•    Eczema
•    Acne
•    Dandruff
•    Skin ulcers

The skin works hard to protect your body from outside assaults, leaving it vulnerable. Incorporating aloe vera into your regular skin care products provides you with the ability to stimulate healing and reduce inflammation on a daily basis in addition to when you need pure aloe vera leaf gel during an acute injury or disease flare-up.


In addition to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera also contains numerous nutrients, including antioxidants. There are 75 different nutrients in aloe vera, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients for your skin. It is rich in beta-carotene (a precursor for vitamin A), vitamin C and vitamin E, all of which are essential antioxidant vitamins necessary for healthy skin. Furthermore, the plant contains polyphenols, a large family of antioxidants known to benefit health as well as inhibit certain bacterial growth.

These antioxidants can fight the damage from UV rays from the sun, as well as damage due to pollution. Additionally, they can keep the skin firm to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The nutrients in aloe vera also help to increase the production of collagen and improve elasticity of the skin, both of which help prevent wrinkles. Using daily skin care products with aloe vera will help you to fight aging naturally.  

Although you can get many of the benefits from pure aloe vera gel, it is even better when mixed with other natural, skin-boosting ingredients, such as coconut and witch hazel. Cocoili products use high-quality, natural ingredients to encourage healthy skin, including moisturizing, fighting oxidative stress and reducing inflammation.