21 Unique Reasons Why the Aloe Vera in Cocoili Products is Amazing for You

For more than 6,000 years, humans have used plants from the aloe family, including the most familiar species aloe vera, for medicinal purposes. Although the skincare products of Cocoili will not impart all of the following benefits, this list will show you just how amazing the healing power of aloe vera truly is for humans both inside and out.


One of the biggest benefits of aloe vera comes from its antioxidant effects. It contains numerous nutrients, including polyphenols and vitamins A, C and E, all of which are known to help mitigate oxidative stress. Excess oxidative stress is linked to premature aging and numerous chronic illnesses.


Aloe vera has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, all of which help to heal the skin and body. It acts fast as well, which is why it feels so cooling and soothing when you apply it after spending too much time in the sun.


Aloe vera has more than 75 nutrients known to benefit health. In addition to the nutrients already discussed, it also contains the B-vitamins, which play a key role in metabolic health and brain health.


One reason that aloe vera is found in many skin care products is that is a natural moisturizer. Because it does not have excess oil or a greasy texture, people with almost any skin type can use it. It preserves the body's natural moisturizing abilities while adding to them.

Nausea Relief

When you feel a bit nauseous, you may reach for a quick cure, whether natural or pharmaceutical. Try aloe vera, as it can help to naturally reduce nausea. This may be due to its digestive benefits, overall soothing qualities or its immune boosting abilities.


Aloe vera stimulates excretion, making it a great natural laxative for occasional constipation. Some studies have found it beneficial to move things along when you struggle to go with minimal side effects.

Improves Digestion

After reading about its ability to help with nausea and constipation, it should come as no surprise that aloe vera improves digestion in general. The polysaccharides in aloe vera have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce the inflammation that contributes to many digestive disorders.

Enhances Detoxification

You will probably find it as part of many detoxification plans thanks to its digestion-boosting properties and its laxative effect. Many of the nutrients in aloe vera also help support your liver and kidneys, organs essential to the natural detoxification process.

Heals Ulcers

The anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antioxidant properties of aloe vera can also be used to treat ulcers in the mouth or digestive system. This is another reason why many who have inflammatory bowel disease or other digestive disorders turn to aloe vera for healing.

Reduces Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

Aloe vera gel consumption can also help to reduce blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels. High levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are proven risk factors for cardiovascular disease, while high blood sugar increases the risk for diabetes.


Aloe vera is rich in polyphenols and the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. This imparts a powerful antioxidant characteristic that helps to fight damaging oxidative stress.


Some recent studies have found that aloe vera may help to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors, most likely due to the polysaccharides.  If you have cancer or looking to prevent it, talk with your doctor about its use.

Reduces Symptoms of Radiotherapy

Aloe vera not only helps to fight cancer on its own, but it can also help to mitigate some of the negative effects of radiotherapy, a common cancer treatment. Putting aloe vera gel on the skin in the area where the radiation occurred can help to soothe and heal the skin, and drinking the juice may mitigate other side effects.

Reduces Arthritis Pain

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera can help to reduce pain and swelling, including that caused by arthritis. You can drink aloe vera juice or use pills, or you can simply rub the aloe vera gel onto the joints that are painful.

Alleviates Menstrual Pain

It is not just your joints and the muscles of your extremity that can benefit from aloe vera; the muscles in the uterus that cause menstrual pain can also be soothed through drinking aloe vera juice.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Aloe vera in your shampoo has many benefits, including reducing dandruff. Additionally, an enzyme in the plant stimulates hair growth and also improves the blood flow to the scalp, also necessary for hair growth.

Cures Skin Conditions

Aloe vera in skin products does not just keep your skin moisturized and radiant; it also can help to cure skin conditions, including chronic ones such as dermatitis, acne and eczema.

Helps with Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition difficult to treat. The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of aloe vera provide one natural remedy to help soothe the itchy, dry skin patches associated with the disorder.

Wound Healing

The plant has a growth hormone and wound-healing hormones known to reduce inflammation and facilitate healing. In fact, many emergency rooms keep aloe vera around for working on healing serious wounds and burns.

Immune Boosting

The nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera juice stimulate your immune system. It fights against certain pathogens and boosts your body's own ability to fight infections and heal.

​Delays Aging

Although the cause of aging remains a mystery, some theories point to oxidative stress and inflammation as potential causes. Therefore, the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera can help to fight aging. Additionally, the vitamins and polysaccharides in aloe vera simulate collagen growth and maintain skin's elasticity, both of which help prevent premature wrinkles.

Although this list is long, it is not an exhaustive list of the numerous benefits of aloe vera. Some of the benefits require you to ingest aloe vera, but you can gain many of them through topical application of pure aloe vera gel or skin care products incorporating it. If you choose to ingest aloe vera gel, do so under the supervision of a doctor or another healthcare practitioner using a trusted, quality source. Although it is a relatively safe, natural treatment option, there are potential side effects as with many herbal remedies.

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